Bioidentical Hormones Explained

Although the use of bioidentical hormones is a controversial topic in the scientific world, the advocates of this type of therapy believe it can be effective and safe for some patients.

In this video, Dr. Dayna Monterrey, a naturopathic physician talks about what bioidentical hormones are, how they are taken and their safety.

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What are bioidentical hormones?

A bioidentical hormone is a replacement hormone that has a same chemical molecular structure of the hormones naturally produced in our body.

The body does not distinguish bioidentical hormone as something separate from our own natural hormones, and therefore it is utilized, metabolized and excreted in the body just as our self-made hormones are.

How is bioidentical therapy taken?

Bioidentical therapy can be taken in many different forms depending on which hormones are being treated.

For example, thyroid hormone is typically always dosed as an oral hormone. 

These hormones are usually made through a compounding pharmacy, and therefore different administration routes can be utilized.

Are bioidentical hormones safe?

When the right type of hormones is used, when they are properly administered, appropriately dosed and for the correct patient, yes, they could be safe, and they can actually be preventative to many age-related diseases.

The most critical piece is consulting with a specialist of bioidentical hormone therapy to understand your personal risks and decide if you are a candidate that is right for this type of treatment.

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